The New XCcube® 2.0

For when Dignity, Discretion and Respect Matters.


Transporting the deceased has never been easier, more dignified, or done with so much respect for all involved. The XCcube® 2.0 is the only system which enables you to transport any sized deceased patient, on any surface to the mortuary, without a single transfer, and in such little time.

Taking just 3 minutes to set up with two healthcare staff, the XCcube® 2.0 is a 3 dimensional expandable frame that converts any bed or trolley into a concealed method of transport. It makes life simpler for Senior Management and Portering staff alike whilst treating the deceased with more dignity and discretion.




1. Reduced time and man labour for Portering teams, and therefore increases logistics organisation and cost savings

2. Reduced complaints from family members which helps the ease of the task for your Portering Teams

3. "The XCcube® has been found to be light and easy to set up, making the task of moving a deceased patient discreet, it has reduced the movement of the deceased thus reducing the potential for musculoskeletal injuries"

Facilities General Manager

4. Helps Trusts with CQC implementation

1. Simple to set up, in less than 3 minutes

2. Reduced risk of manual handling injuries as there's no transfer of the patient from one surface to another, unlike Concealment Trolleys

3. XCcube® frame is very light and easy to handle, therefore reducing the risk of manual handling injuries.

4. Saves time and increased productivity for busy wards and lower staff levels

5. An all in one system ensuring the XCcube® 2.0 Frame, Trolley, Cover, and Bag to all stay with the same bed/trolley

6. "Greater dignity and respect afforded to bariatric deceased"

Mortuary Manager

1. As the deceased does not need to be transferred or moved at all, there is no risk of marking the body or inappropriate handling

2. Respect, Dignity, and Discretion to the patient is guaranteed

3. Reduced risk of skin damage to the deceased

4. No more transfers on busy cramped wards

1. By creating a protective cover of the patients identity, the bereaved family know that their loved one is treated with the most dignity, care, and respect available

2. This can be in line with the family's religious view.

1. Infection Control

2. Time efficiency

3. "I am pleased someone has come up with a simple and effective solution"

Manual Handling Advisor

1. No more costly purchase of specialised concealment trolleys because the XCcube® frame is a 'One-Size-Fits-All' solution

2. Time involved to move the deceased patient from where they passed away to the mortuary reduces, increasing savings further.

3. The XCcube® 2.0 handles all sizes of patient so your hospital doesn't have to have an ordinary concealment trolley as well as a bariatric concealment trolley, thus further reducing costs.

4. Less staff involved when transporting the deceased from Ward to Mortuary thus reducing employee numbers, employee time, and increasing savings.


8 simple steps from start to finish

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The XCcube® is increasing Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Reputation in every hospital which buys it!


  • Immediately save time and money - 3 minute set-up
  • No restrictions - conceal any person, any size, in any place
  • Never lose a part - an all-in-one system
  • Respectfully improves dignity for your patient
  • Increases manual handling safety
  • Delights infection prevention and control teams


  • Super strong glass fibre composite tubing
  • Carbon fibre elbow joints
  • Three-dimensional telescopic construction
  • Heavy duty quick release tube clamps
  • 3d printed components for precision assembly
  • Identification labelling laminated into the composite tubing


  • Quick release clips
  • 3 dimensional telescopic construction
  • Small, nimble design for easy transport
  • Strong, robust, carbon fibre technology
  • Lightweight construction - weighs just 8.5kg
  • Wipe clean and/or high temperature washable material


The XCcube® only from HD.